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To Good to Be True.

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1To Good to Be True. Empty To Good to Be True. on Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:42 am


I checked the mail yesterday, and there was some interesting news.
To Good to Be True. IMAG0407
Supposedly, according to the letter I received, their was a multi-millionaire discount jerseyswith the same last name as me that died in China in a mysterious hiking accident. The partner in his investments is looking to cash in on the $21 million dollars that was left in-estate, and needs my help. He hasn't given me all the details yet, but it seems almost too good to be true.

Which is why I know it's a crock of shit.

We've all heard this one a thousand times - just usually a Nigerian steelers jerseys cheapPrince instead of a wealthy Caucasian. This guy did try really hard, however, and I will give him credit on a couple of things:

His use of actual paper. Everyone is so used to the email scam nfl jerseys cheapthat receiving something in the mail almost makes it seem legit. You'd think the cost of the postage and the paper would work against the scammer, but all he needs is for one person to fall for it and his expenses are covered.
He didn't make it an outrageous sum of money. Having $21 million tied up in a foreign country seems like something that could possibly happen to a person who deals in International business.
The English language is butchered horribly - almost as bad as when the Sidekick jerseys wholesalesends a tweet - but he actually apologizes for it at the end of the letter! Would a real scammer do that?

But there were some red flags:

This guy is supposedly a Investment manager who deals with moving money Internationally - his English should be better, and if cheap jerseys he has access to a computer to type this request, he probably has Spellcheck. Like I said above, the apology was nice, but c'mon - who falls for that shit?
If a Multi-Million Dollar Financier disappered in a mysterious accident, it would have been covered on the news. Bill Gates can't take a shit without someone writing about it, so overlooking a death seems far-feteched.
Looking up the name Anderson Watson in any search engine brings up 0 results. Google, motherfucker - have you heard of it?
If it turns out that I'm wrong and this kind Chinese gentleman really is trying to give me millions, I will apologize - right after I endorse the cheque with my Unicorn-horn pen and blot the ink with the ass of Santa's Reindeer.

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